www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram, International Trade, ministry of environment, ministry of commerce
www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram
www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram

www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram


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www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram

Dr G.Sundaram has served the country as one of its most distinguished civil servants. During his illustrious career, which spanned nearly thirty-five years, he has served in various capacities, carving a niche for himself. Being an exponent in International Trade with special reference to the EEC, he was one of the persons who promoted relations between India and the EEC(now EU).

After obtaining a Masters Degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Madras, India in 1958, G.Sundaram taught Economics in the well-known Madras Christian College in 1959-1960. In India, the brilliant students aspire to appear for the competitive examination for the Civil Services and it was but natural that Sundaram set his focus on the prestigious career. He was selected to the premier Federal Civil Service viz., the Indian Administrative Service in 1962.   

He held civil service positions connected with development and industry from 1963 -' 69. He proceeded to Brussels in 1970 to specialize in international economic relations with special reference to the EEC. He obtained an M.Phil., (Licençe Special) in Economics of Integration with special reference to the EEC from the University of Brussels. The course included International Trade, Public Finance, etc.,  

On return to India, he joined the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and specialized in export promotion, inter- Governmental relations in relation to Trade Agreements and also negotiated some of them. (1971 -' 76)

After this, he obtained a Ph.D., from the Delhi School of Economics in 1977 for his thesis, ‘Commercial Policy of the EEC and the Association Agreements’. His thesis was published. It is available in the UN, EU and US University Libraries. 

In the light of his academic achievements and professional expertise, he was posted Counsellor in the Embassy of India and Mission to the EEC, Brussels, and accredited to the EEC, Belgium and Luxembourg for nearly three years. (1979 -' 81) 

On his return, his several positions included, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Chairman, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Sales Tax Commissioner and the Ministry of Environment of the Government of India. (1982 -' 90). He was the first one in India in 1986 to suggest introduction of VAT on the EEC pattern. It has since become a reality as a major financial reform in India.

He was the official leader to the UNEP conference on Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Substances and signed the Convention.


He came back to the Ministry of Commerce in 1990 in the second highest position of Additional Secretary. During this period, his tasks included several inter-Governmental negotiations relating to trade, international economic relations, exports promotion, which included export finance. As Chairman of a committee on Export Credit appointed by the Central Bank of the country (Reserve Bank of India), he produced a path-breaking report. Many recommendations of this Committee were accepted by the then Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh (now Prime Minister) in the Government of India budget. His other notable achievement is the successful negotiation of the current, upgraded Cooperation Agreement with the EEC (Third current Agreement between India and the EEC). He was on the Board of many companies including the Air-India.   

 www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram

He was Secretary to the Government of India during 1993-1996, which was the highest rank in the official hierarchy. After having been Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution System, he was Secretary, Ministry of Tourism. He retired on 31.10.1996 at the then retirement age of 58. 

The members of the Indian Administrative Service are shown against a State Cadre. Accordingly, he was assigned to Gujarat, which had made tremendous progress in Industries. Since he was the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, the Government of Gujarat appointed him as Adviser (Tourism Development) with the same rank after his retirement. In that capacity, he has given many suggestions to the Government of Gujarat and promoted tourism in the area. (1997-1998) 

He had attended many international conferences during his outstanding career. As Additional Secretary, Commerce, Government of India, he was the official leader to the ESCAP Conference.  

He was on the Board of many companies. Even at present, he serves on the Board of the Taj Group of Hotels( now over ). He is adviser to various consumer groups and social service organizations.


www.drgsundaram.com, Dr.G.Sundaram

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